July 2016 Issue
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Delray Under $50
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June 2016 Issue
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  • July 2016 Issue
  • July is a Special Month
  • Delray Under $50
  • June 2016 Issue
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    Luxury knows no bounds, which is why the owners of Diamonds East International continue to offer the most luxurious diamonds and prestigious watches the market has to offer.

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  • Balancing Beauty And Well-Being - ONE AVEDA SALON
    One Aveda Salon is doing what comes naturally. And that’s exactly what their namesake had in mind when they created eco-friendly organic health products and beauty regimes.

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  • Luxury Eye Wear and More at Everything Eyes
    The Menu Editor in Gantry 5 allows you to change the menu item order, set multiple columns and place inline particles or positions inside a dropdown.

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  • Heavy Weights, Big Results
    Ladies, are you one of those women who is afraid to pick up a heavy weight? And I don’t mean a 60lb dumbbell — I’m talking 10lb or more, in fear of getting “big and bulky?” As a fitness professional I often hear this fear from women time and time again.

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  • Not sleeping restfully?
    If you snore heavily, wake up tired or are sleepy during the day, you might want to see your dentist.

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  • Vanquish Your Imperfections
    As summer fades in South Florida, the zest for diet, exercise and alluring shape only accelerates. “If I could just be one size smaller,” is not reserved for swimsuits. We are a people addicted to healthy, fit bodies and beautiful contours, and now, those of us who pine for any easy fix to love handles, muffin tops and man boobs have a resource that seems too good to be true.

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