One Aveda Salon is doing what comes naturally. And that’s exactly what their namesake had in mind when they created eco-friendly organic health products and beauty regimes.

That’s what keeps their client base as loyal as a newborn Labrador. It’s also what keeps salons like One Aveda busy and constantly moving in a sustainable yet beautifying direction. Clients rave about their products but also about their services that range from coloring, cutting, styling, hair extensions, makeup and other services.

Just ask Jeanette. “Aveda is top-notch and One Aveda is no exception. Sarah is a terrific stylist, skilled and very personable. Everyone in the salon is friendly and helpful, and it’s easy to get an appointment that works for your schedule. I highly recommend them!”

Loyal client Bonnie also has a similar opinion on this eco-friendly salon. “It’s always a pleasure to get all my hair needs at One Aveda Salon. The staff is very friendly and I think they’re the best hair salon in Delray. Even if you don’t live close by it’s worth the trip. Thank you One Aveda for being the best!”

The fearless leader - and owner of One Aveda - is Sue Anger. The former model is a walking embodiment of the Aveda signature of natural beauty. She also happens to be an Aveda educator, master stylist and colorist. Sue oversees new talent and mentors new stylists so they understand the Aveda approach to beautification and are in sync with the high standards of the brand.

These high standards continue to flow into new products that are good for the planet and the person. One of the most important for summer is their “Daily light Guard™ Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. This product is sheer, mineral-based, provides UVA and UVB protection and is plant derived. You can tell the difference the moment you put it on. This product is sheer, not sticky and doesn’t have the insidious chemicals that permeate other sunscreens. It also protects against environmental pollution and has a coating that makes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide glide on sheer and smooth.

Their new Beautifying Radiance Polish is made of mineral-rich salt crystals in a moisturizing plant oil blend that exfoliates the skin with flower and plant essences. It’s made with certified organic sunflower, safflower and olive oils such as organic rosemary, lavender and bergamot. Just recently “O” Magazine touted the benefits of Aveda’s Stress Fix Composition Oil™ because it softens and nourishes the body, bath and scalp and comes in organic Lavender and Clary Sage from the French Alps.

From a top perspective One Aveda is following the curve when it comes to color, cutting and hair styling. It’s what makes their shop so popular and what keeps clients clamoring for the Aveda way. Their products are naturally derived with plant oils that leave the hair glowing and soft.

“We’re using a lot of Prism Coloring and Balayage Techniques on our clients because they add a variety of contrasting colors and dimension to compliments clients’ natural hair color. We custom make the color for each person so it is uplifting to add beauty and highlight their features and skin tone.” One Aveda stylists attend conferences and are always in the know about the latest hair styles and color techniques. Currently the Bob and Blades (a razor technique for movement) and the Lob (the long Bob) are what’s on tap for hairstyles. The newest trend for young people is color. “Everyone is embracing themselves and bringing out their true colors. It might be royal blue or purple,” said Manager Ariel.

Beauty, as we all know, is not confined to women. Aveda knows that very well. That’s why they recently came out with a new line of products (sold at One Aveda) called “Invati Men™. The Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo exfoliates refreshes and conditions the scalp to strengthen thinning hair. The Invati Men™ Scalp Revitalizer thickens the hair at the root and invigorates the scalp. It also reduces hair loss, makes hair feel stronger and look thicker.

“We sell a lot of Invati Men™ products to men because they want stronger thicker hair in a natural way without chemicals. Many of our products have Turmeric as an active ingredient,” said Sue.

That’s the beauty of going to One Aveda. They imbibe the Aveda culture that takes it inspiration from nature and knows that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but emulated as a model of sustainability.

If you want to be a part of this growing Salon, One Aveda is looking to expand their team of stylists. They welcome newcomers and will train you in the Aveda way. All are welcome. One Aveda Salo n 1020 South Federal Highway Delray Beach (561) 272-1147