Delray Dental

Delray Beach has always been a small town. That’s why everyone loves it so much.

But as it grows in popularity Delray has evolved into a booming cityscape.

That’s what sets Delray Dental apart from the crowd. They not only continue to serve the community with same small town feel, but they pride themselves on old-world dental care.

“For the past 37 years we have the same philosophy – each person gets the best quality of care. We treat the entire person, at Delray Dental, you’re not just a number,” said Dr. John Ritota, who is half of the dental team at Delray Dental.

Dr. John graduated from Georgetown University School of Dentistry and is trained in all types of Dental Implant Systems. He has been published in the Outstanding Young Men in America, been on the Board of Directors of Alphaprotech (for 22 years) and has researched and published articles on Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

The other half is Dr. Ted Ritota. Dr. Ted graduated from the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry and has advanced training in most implant systems. He has also completed surgical residencies for the placement of implants.

Dr. John and Dr. Ted have appeared in “Guide to America’s Top Dentists” and for the past eight years have been in the Business Hall of Fame.

If you ask Susan Dale about them you’ll hear nothing but accolades. “Delray Dental is Awesome! I know I would not get a lot of positive comments on my smile if it weren’t for Dr. Ritota. The staff are welcoming and personable and all the dental work I’ve had done is impeccable!”

delray dental staffFlorida transplant Ryan Napp feels the same way. “I moved from New Jersey to Boca Raton and found it difficult to find quality medical professionals. I am very pleased with the Delray Dental staff and the work I’ve had done. They are a quality family owned business that reminds me of home. I strongly recommend Delray Dental.” There are a few reasons why folks like Napp and Dale feel so good about Delray Dental. The staff is friendly, warm and genial and everyone loves working for Dr. John and Dr. Ted. “Numerous patients comment on how friendly our staff is. Jan Scurie was here with her husband Paul recently and she commented that our staff is so friendly she wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dental Assistant Luz Tamayo loves her job and so does Assistant Ainslie. “I find it so rewarding to see how happy patients are with the work they get here. When you change someone’s smile it affects their whole life – it’s very emotional.”

At the front desk is CJ, who has been with Delray Dental for nine years. “I love seeing people happy with their beautiful smile after work has been done here.” They also welcome their newest member of the Delray Dental family, Dental Hygienist Janice.

Delray Dental treats all types of dental needs from implants to crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, root canals, mini-implants, bonding, dentures, oral surgery, extractions, routine fillings (in white resin or metallic), clear invisible braces, soft tissue management, denture relines and repairs.

There is one change that Dr. Ted sees a lot of lately. “Everybody wants white teeth, it’s no longer about saving a tooth, it’s about making them a more beautiful smile.”

delray dental in action1

As a means to this goal both doctors use zirconium crowns that are closer in appearance to natural teeth. “The zirconium crown is far superior in strength and allows us to place a natural looking tooth in a patient’s mouth. The colors are better and the light goes through the tooth - it’s more translucent. People are demanding a superior aesthetic,” said Dr. Ted.

Patients also expect their dentists to be up on the latest treatments and trends in dentistry. “We take multiple courses in implant training, endodontics (root canal), exodontics (tooth extraction) regularly. We’re only required to take 40 hours of training every two years but we take courses almost every month,” said Dr. Ted.

They also strive to keep their scheduling patient-centric so people don’t have to wait endlessly for treatment. There’s always time in the day for those who need emergency treatment as well.

delray dental in action 2

Delray Dental does most treatments inhouse so you don’t need a second surgery. “We do everything under one roof – extraction, placement and tooth restoration. We are very experienced in placing a tooth immediately at the same time of extraction when the bone allows it,” said Dr. Ted.

They also offer Nutraceutical supplements from Nussentials. “These liquid vitamins and minerals help patient’s immune system and overall health,” said Dr. John.

Just ask Jim Coughlin, a Delray Dental patient and huge fan of their practice and the product Alert. “I am a 67-year-old marketing director and I have to keep up with young people all day. After taking Alert I have so much energy it’s unbelievable. I have a heart issue and my doctor approves of this product, but not the energy drink I used to use. I also love the dentists and the staff.”

Delray Dental
3401 S. Federal Highway
Delray Beach
(561) 272-6664