dd1If you ask Dr. Ted and Dr. John Ritota what their mission is they will tell you: “We are making the world a better place, one smile at a time.”

This family dental practice is growing with the times. But there is still a down-home small town feel to their practice. There should be – they’ve been practicing dentistry in the same office on Federal Highway south of Linton for the past 38 years.

But in keeping up with the times they are proud of their social media presence. “We had our first website for Delray Dental in 1989. Someone came to us and asked if we wanted a website way before it was popular,” said Dr. Ted. “In 2004 we upgraded the site and now we have videos, information and patient testimonials,” adds Dr. John.

One of the best features for time expediency is that you can download a patient information form and save time before your appointment. There are also useful features like directions, information about the products and services they offer and other up to moment details of importance.

Delray Dental is also excited about the continuing popularity of their Facebook page (facebook.com/delraydental). They now have videos of patients, employees, special discounts and interesting stories about healthcare, dental care, patient testimonials and the Ritota brothers’ poignant family moments. “We had over 3000 likes,” said Dr. John.

Their philosophy is the same, regardless of their many years in Delray Beach.

“For the past 38 years we have the same mission – each person gets the best quality of care,” said Dr. John.

Dr. John graduated from Georgetown University School of Dentistry and is trained in all types of Dental Implant Systems (and is past president of FADPA). Dr. John has been published in the Outstanding Young Men in America, been on the Board of Directors of Alphaprotech (for 23 years) and has researched and published articles on Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

Dr. Ted Ritota graduated from the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry and has advanced training in most implant systems. He has also completed surgical residencies for the placement of implants and is a member of the FDA and ADA.

Dr. John and Dr. Ted have appeared in “Guide to America’s Top Dentists” and for the past nine years have been in the Business Hall of Fame.dd2

They also have a new in-house Laboratory (and new lab technician John) where they make exclusive Ceramic Zirconia crowns. “We can also do quicker adjustments and occasionally do them in one day. The zirconium crown is far superior in strength and allows us to place a natural looking tooth in a patient’s mouth. The colors are better and it’s more translucent,” said Dr. Ted.

They also are happy to announce that Judy, their hygienist who left for New Jersey, has returned to Delray Dental, and in November Momma Ritota (Dolores) returns as well. Both Dolores and front desk pro Carine (CJ) are a welcoming presence. “We also want to thank our wives, June and Lisa, for their continued support.”

The doctors are also thrilled about the incredible results of their newest tooth whitening product, Opalescence Go. It’s has the innovative, ready-made UltraFit™ trays that adapt and fit each patient perfectly. “It’s the most cost-effective bleaching treatment we’ve ever had,” said Dr. Ted.

Delray Dental treats all types of dental needs from implants to crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, root canals, mini-implants, bonding, dentures, oral surgery, extractions, routine fillings (in white resin or metallic), clear invisible braces, soft tissue management, denture relines and repairs.

Patients also expect their dentists to be up on the latest treatments in dentistry. “We take courses in implant training, endodontics (root canal), exodontics (tooth extraction) regularly. We take courses almost every month,” said Dr. Ted.

dd3And they must be because patient Holly Rosenberg can’t say enough good things about them. “Dr. John is wonderful. He is not just a dentist, he is an artist. I never smiled because I was self-conscious. Dr. John treated my whole person – both mentally and physically. He’s fantastic and phenomenal. I’ll never go anywhere else.”

Bob agrees. “Relative to the installation of my upper and lower dentures. I cannot belive the perfection of installation without hooks or implants. I do not need paste and need to tug them out at bedtime. Even the upper stays tight chewing and crunching hard foods.”

They also offer Nutraceutical supplements from Nussentials. “These liquid vitamins and minerals help patient’s immune system and overall health,” said Dr. John.

Just ask Jim Coughlin, a Delray Dental patient and huge fan of their practice and the product Alert. “I am a marketing director and I have to keep up with young people all day. After taking Alert I have so much energy it’s unbelievable. I have a heart issue and my doctor approves of this product, but not the energy drink I used to use. I also love the dentists and the staff.”

Delray Dental
3401 S. Federal Highway
Delray Beach
(561) 272-6664